Audio Operator

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Audio Operator

Responsibilities: This person mixes the audio of the show according to the Director’s call.

(All packages from the server are edited split track, for archiving, so it is their responsibility to make sure the packages are balanced.) They are also responsible for clearing the audio and communications with remote sources as well as mixing in the sound from all the anchors and contributors to the program in the studio as well as the remote sources.

The Audio Engineer is responsible for internal communications within the control room and studio as well as for the production of the mix-minus and IFB.

• At least 2 years’ experience
• A bachelor’s degree required.
• Ability to work flexible hours (including nights and weekends), ability to work under tight deadlines, ability to work under pressure, and during breaking news.

BA/BS degree (or equivalent) in journalism, communications or related digital field strongly preferred.



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