Full Frame Video Editor- Long Format

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Full Frame Video Editor- Long Format

Responsibilities: Responsible for package/long-form edits. Per producer instructions, acquire materials for the edit.

This material will be often be original footage from our photographers, but could be file/agency/handout footage as well, with the usual mix of formats. Acquire needed additional materials from available sources (stills, music/SFX, stock footage) – sometimes some of this is notated by producing staff, but mostly the editor will self-produce during edit.

When relevant, participate in pre-shoot discussions with producers and photographers about stylistic and logistical needs. Brainstorm ideas with field crew. When appropriate, work with Creative department in developing on-screen graphics – inspect them for accuracy (if possible) and technical specs upon reception. 

Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • When necessary, make sure third-party materials are converted in the best way available. This is especially imperative when dealing with various frame rates
  • Make sure the settings of the project/edit adhere to your material in the best possible way
  • Perform edit according to script. The detail of scripts vary greatly, but a substantial amount of self-producing is expected, in particular with the long-form edits
  • Observe for and raise any editorial issues that may arise, and discuss with producing staff
  • Work with producing staff and photographers in coming up with alternate visualization methods, when pictures/footage is not available
  • Though every piece is different, adhere to an established visual/aural style. For this, study previously produced pieces, and discuss with producing and editing staff
  • Review edit with producing staff and make alterations as requested
  • Once the edit is approved (or before), make sure video levels are appropriate from one shot to another. Utilize grading techniques to create “looks” when needed, but judiciously. Also prepare a normalized audio mix (stereo/dual mono)
  • Export the final edit to file per agreed upon standard (e.g. multi-track audio, no straps, correct format etc.)

Qualifications/ Requirements:

  • Flexibility to work various shifts
  • Motivated self-starter who is able to work independently and in a team environment
  • Must have long-format, documentary and/or features experience

Desired Characteristics:

  • Journalism degree, web news experience and a second language are all pluses
  • Familiarize yourself intimately with the production tools available (various software, especially Edius) and sources of materials (music, stock footage, SFX etc.)


TO APPLY SUBMIT RESUME TO: resumes@cgtnamerica.com

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