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Haitians in Limbo

Haitian refugees have been arriving on the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua by the thousands, after a trip that did not originate at home. Two years ago, they left Haiti and went to Brazil in search of a better future, but the crisis in that country has them fleeing once again.


Game Changer Enrique Chiu

The border dividing Mexico and the United States has become a symbol for fear and division, but one artist is on a quest to transform it into a beacon of hope and humanity.


An award-winning food truck in DC serves up a “taste” of Peru

They started the “Peruvian Brothers” food truck taking on hundreds of others in Washington, a city known for hosting international cuisine. They put so much love and effort into their restaurant on wheels, that it quickly satisfied many cosmopolitan palates, and in 2015 they took home the award for “Best Food Truck”.