The Heat: Could We End Up with A New Cold War?

The Heat

Russia's President Vladimir PutinRussia’s President Vladimir Putin attends an awarding ceremony for Russian athletes, winners of the XI Paralympic Olympic games, in Sochi on March 17, 2014. Putin told yesterday US President Barack Obama the referendum on Crimea joining Russia was fully legal, but the two leaders also agreed to work together to find ways out of the Ukraine crisis, the Kremlin said. AFP PHOTO/ RIA-NOVOSTI/ POOL/ MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV

The union of Crimea with Russia is now official – at least, from Moscow’s point of view. By an overwhelming majority both houses of the Russian parliament voted in favor of accepting the autonomous republic into the Russian Federation.  Ukraine and western nations say it’s illegal.  This lead President Obama to impose sanctions on 20 Russians inside and outside the government, the Russian government also slapped sanctions on top U.S. officials. Could this lead to a new Cold War?

CCTV’s John Gilmore reports on the fears and concerns in Ukriane after Crimea has become part of Russia.

Former Adviser to Ronald Reagan and U.S. Diplomat during Cold War, Jack F. Matlock discusses the possibilities of a new Cold War as the tensions in Ukraine persist.

Political Analyst Dmitry Babich discusses how the Russian people perceive the union of Crimea with Russia.

Taras Kuzio, Research Associate at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies analyses the crisis in Crimea.

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