Video: CCTV America Hosts Panel on Emerging Economies

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CCTV America hosted a discussion at the IMF World Bank spring meetings, with a forum focused on emerging markets. Watch the video here.

CCTV America’s Business Anchor Phillip TK Yin (@PhillipTKYin) moderated a panel of world experts for Emerging Economies: Views from East and South.
It was Livestreamed on See the Twitter #eastandsouth conversation below.

WATCH THE REPLAY HERE COURTESY WORLD BANK LIVE.  Click on this link if you don’t see video player below. 

This event brought together a distinguished panel of senior policy-makers and renowned economists to discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of the East Asian and Latin American growth models, the key risks and challenges facing the regions’ policymakers, and what each region can learn from the other.


  • Edgar Ayales, Minister of Finance, Costa Rica
  • Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Governor, Central Bank, Malaysia
  • Viviana Caro, Minister of Development Planning, Bolivia
  • Barry Eichengreen, Professor of Economics and Political Science, University of California at Berkeley
  • Cesar V. Purisima, Secretary of Finance, Philippines

Key questions include:
• Is a particular growth model associated with superior long-run growth performance and greater resilience?
• As countries reach middle-income status, how do economic challenges evolve? Is it necessary to rebalance toward a more consumption-intensive growth model? Is such a rebalancing associated with a heightened risk of a growth slowdown?
• Are some growth models better suited to reducing poverty, and others to tackling inequality? Does a switch to a more consumption-intensive growth model require significant redistribution?

Introductory Remarks: Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Chief Operations Officer & Managing Director, World Bank
Presentation: Augusto de la Torre, Chief Economist, Latin America & Caribbean, World Bank and
Bert Hofman, Chief Economist, East Asia & Pacific, World Bank

Remarks from Hasan Tuluy, Regional Vice President, Latin America & Caribbean, World Bank and
Axel van Trotsenburg, Regional Vice President, East Asia & Pacific, World Bank