Fashion Going Mobile?

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A lot of  what we do these days is portable, exotic cuisine, medical services and even pet groomers . So it’s not surprising, in this 4G world, a new business model has emerged: Mobile Retail an idea that gained tracion when restaurants began taking their meals to the masses.

Experts say, years ago Mexican immigrants brought the Taco truck culture to California. But they say the food truck phenomena really exploded when the U-S economy tanked in 2008. The lure of lower overhead costs prompted many food establishments to put their meals on wheels.

Now that same cost evaluation is driving a new cottage industry — retailers serving fast fashion.

Fashion Going Mobile?

Exotic cuisine, medical services and even pet groomers-- pretty much everything is mobile these days so why not clothes shopping Yakenda McGahee reports on a growing U.S. trend-bringing new meaning to the term street style.