Marina Silva on Politics and Power in Brazil

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Marina Silva is the daughter of rubber tappers, one of eleven children, and was illiterate until age 16. But as a young girl she always dreamt of going to school. So, during her time working as a housekeeper, Silva learned to read, and befriended one of Brazil’s best known environmentalists, Chico Mendes, who eventually inspired her to join the Worker’s Party.

Today, Silva’s name is synonymous with political activism across Brazil. The former Minister of the Environment will be running for Vice President this year on Brazil’s socialist ticket.  In Washington, DC, to honor the life of Chico Mendes, the former minister sat down with us to discuss the influence she has on women in Brazil, the state of the country’s government, and more.  Twitter: @silva_marina

Interview with Marina Silva

The woman who rocked Brazil’s last presidential election. And just might rock it again. Vice Presidential contender Marina Silva sits down with us for a candid conversation about politics and power in Brazil.