South Korea Ferry: Divers Find 48 Bodies in a Single Room

World Today

South Korean divers found 48 bodies in a single room on the ferry meant to accommodate 38 people.  According to a South Korean official, the students were all wearing life jackets and crammed in the room.   And this is only several days after a Korean mom stated: “I’m not sure if I would tell my children to obey the rules anymore.” 

Divers have recovered 183 bodies so far, but 119 remain missing and are feared dead in the dark rooms of the submerged vessel. Most of the victims of the April 16 disaster are students of a single high school in Ansan, near Seoul.

“The rescue effort is getting slower,” South Korean navy Capt. Kim Jin-hwang, commander of the rescue operation told CNN. “The divers already searched all the places easily accessible. They are expecting the search to become harder because of increasing currents and harsher weather. But the navy will not stop until the last body is found.”

Kim says, divers are now heading to open another similar dormitory, which is believed to have another 50 girls in it when the ship began to sink.

The ferry captain and 10 crew members have already been arrested on suspicion of negligence and abandoning people in need.