Nigeria Military Denies Amnesty International Report

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The Nigeria military has strongly denied a report by Amnesty International that it had been forewarned on the attack on school where over 200 girls were abducted last April but did nothing to stop it.
Amnesty International had said the military failed to nip the attack in the bud even when it knew the attack was going to happe  four whole hours before it actually took place. But military spokesman Major General Chris Olukolade said the report is untrue. CCTVs Deji Badmus has more on the latest development in the search for the missing school girls.

Nigeria Military Denies Amnesty International Report

CCTVs Deji Badmus has more on the latest development in the search for the missing school girls.

Did the Nigerian military have advanced warning of the April 14th attack where Boko Haram sect members abducted over 200 schoolgirls and did nothing to save the girls ?

Amnesty International had said that’s exactly what happened.

But the military has now refuted that in the strongest possible term saying the global watchdog lied in its latest report on what happened that fateful day.

Before now, the military had been silent over what transpired the night of the kidnapping but its response to the Amnesty International’s report is now shedding some light as to what may have happened.

Military spokesman Chris Olukolade in a statement said troops on patrol actually got information at the time the attack was going and did proceed to engage the terrorists while calling for reinforcements.
He said the reinforcements ran into a terrorist’s ambush resulting in the death of a number of soldiers.

This is the first time the military confirmed soldiers were killed in the April 14th attack. He added that by the time another set of troops finally arrived the town, the terrorists had escaped with the girls.

Meanwhile, there are reports that a U.S. interagency team assisting in the search for the girls may have recorded some small breakthrough.

Sources say the team, with the aid of advanced satellite technology, has been able locate the girls inside the Sambisa forest in northeast Borno state.There has been no official confirmation of the report but if true, it means the girls may not have been taken across the border as earlier reported.

Across the country, people are hopeful that the international community’s intervention would yield quick results. But beyond that some say the insurgency has clearly shown it’s time the country digs into the use of funding to the military

Such a call is very much likely to gain momentum soon after the case of the missing girls is resolved.