Gunmen open fire at airport in Pakistan killing at least 27 people

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Gunmen disguised as police guards stormed an airport terminal used for VIPs and cargo in Pakistan’s largest city Sunday night, killing at least 27 people as explosions echoed into the night, officials said.

The airport attack still was ongoing early Monday in Karachi, a sprawling port city on the southern coast of Pakistan, although officials said all the passengers had been evacuated. Heavy gunfire and at least two large explosions could be heard coming from the terminal at Jinnah International Airport as authorities scrambled to secure the area.

CCTV’S Danial Khan reports from Islamabad.

Karachi airport under attack

Gunmen late Sunday attacked a terminal at Karachi's international airport and as of 90 minutes ago, the attack was still going on. The airport has been shutdown and all incoming flights have been diverted. Early reports say at least nine people have been killed. CCTV'S Danial Khan reports from Islamabad with the latest.