Two Brazilian fans relive epic 1970 trip

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Hundreds of thousands of football fans have converged on cities across Brazil for the World Cup. After months of building delays, protests and financial controversy, the tournament’s highly anticipated kick off is only a day away.

For Ivan Charoux and Rafael Sawaya, the action isn’t limited to the 12 Brazilian stadiums. Back in 1970, the friends took their shared love of Brazil’s soccer team on the road. They drove some 8,000 kilometers from Sao Paulo to Guadalajara, Mexico to watch the home team versus some of its greatest global opponents.

The men are now 68 and 70 years old and they decided to take another road trip– same kind of car, same route. CCTV’s Bianca Davie has more about their trip.


Two Brazilian fans relive epic 1970 trip

Two soccer fans are on a World Cup road trip. But they're not going to Brazil. They are traveling to Mexico, site of Brazil's third World Cup victory. CCTV's Bianca Davie explains.