China pledges to support Iraq

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Al-Qaeda inspired militants stand with captured Iraqi Army Humvee

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Thursday that China is deeply concerned about the situation in Iraq and is willing to offer necessary assistance to Iraq’s reconstruction and counter-terrorism efforts.

“The recent situation in Iraq is deteriorating to which the International community has paid close attention,” said Hua at a routine press briefing, ” we’ve seen a rapid expansion of extremism, rampant dissemination of weapons, and a resurgence of terrorism since the crisis erupted in West Asia and North Africa, which has greatly threatened regional and even the world’s security and stability.”

Hua said China has always been committed to supporting the Iraqi government to maintain its internal stability and combat the terrorism, and hopes the country can restore security, stability and order as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Hua demanded the Iraqi government provide practical protections to Chinese agencies, enterprises and personnel in Iraq.

“China’s embassy in Iraq and other related countries are now having close communication with concerned departments and we ask them to offer entry and exit convenience and other safety guarantees to Chinese enterprises and personnel,” Huang said.

She added that China will be watching as the situation evolves and will take necessary measures to protect the safety of Chinese nationals and their legitimate interests.

At Wednesday’ press conference, Hua told the press that China wishes to avoid a mass evacuation of Chinese nationals like the one from Libya in 2011. There are an estimated 10,000 Chinese in Iraq.

The situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate since clashes between insurgent groups and government forces began earlier this month.

Large swathes of Iraq’s northern territories are now in the hands of the groups, fueling fears the country may split and a full-blown sectarian war erupt.

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