World Refugee Day: More than 50 million people displaced

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World Refugee Day recognizes the tens of millions of men, women, and children who flee countries ravaged by violence in search of safe havens around the world.

To examine the struggle of refugees, and explore possible solutions, CCTV’s Anand Naidoo is joined by Hollywood actress and activist Kat Graham.


Hollywood actress Kat Graham on global refugee crisis

Hollywood actress Kat Graham joins the show to discuss about world refugee day.

What can be done to ease this global crisis? CCTV’s Anand Naidoo is joined by Alexander Betts, the author of “Survival Migration,” from Oxford University; and Shelly Pitterman, Head of the UNHCR office in Washington D.C.

Betts and Pitterman on global refugee crisis

World refugee and forced migration problems are developing fast.

More than 50 million people around the world were displaced from their homes by the end of 2013, according to the U.N. Almost half of them are women and children. As their numbers grow, major efforts are underway to help many resettle. But as CCTV’s Leland Lazarus reports, that may not be enough.

World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day.