Hurricane Arthur approaches U.S. coast

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Hurricane Arthur is menacing the U.S. Strengthening hurricane forced thousands of vacationers on the North Carolina coast to abandon their Independence Day plans while cities farther up the East Coast rescheduled fireworks displays threatened by rain from the storm.

After passing over or near North Carolina as a hurricane early Friday, Arthur was expected to weaken as it travels northward and slings rain along the East Coast.

The annual Boston Pops Fourth of July concert and fireworks show was rescheduled for Thursday because of potential heavy rain from Arthur, while fireworks displays in New Jersey and Maine were postponed until later in the weekend.

Forecasters expect Arthur to strengthen to a Category 2 storm with winds of 96 mph or more by the time it passes early Friday over or near the Outer Banks — a 200-mile string of narrow barrier islands with about 57,000 permanent residents. Jay Gray reports.

Hurricane Arthur approaches U.S. coast

Hurricane Arthur is menacing the U.S. Evacuations have been ordered at several beach towns along the east coast. As the storm approaches, thousands of vacationers and residents are packing up and heading inland. Jay Gray reports.