Death toll in Gaza surpasses 100 after four days of Israeli airstrikes

World Today

Israel says it has attacked more than a thousand targets during a four-day offensive against Gaza and its prime minister says there are still more to go. CCTV’s Roee Ruttenberg reports from Tel Aviv.
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More damage and carnage in Gaza from Israeli strikes, the tit-for-tat exchange continued for the fourth day and night as the death toll in Gaza passed 100. Palestinians say that count includes civilians.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Friday evening said the offensive targeting Islamist militants was going well, and would continue without spelling out any details.

Israel so far has been vague but Palestinians are certain a ground incursion will take place. A joint air-and-ground offensive five years ago left some 1,400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis dead. Regional and global leaders urged Israeli troops to stay out and reiterated their calls for a ceasefire.

Fawzi Bahroum, Hamas spokesperson says: “We affirm that there will be no appeasement, no appeasement with the Israeli occupant who started the war and the aggression. They will pay the price of this war and this aggression with fear, killing, and the destruction brought by rockets.”

Netanyahu told world leaders he spoke with on Friday that he has a mandate to defend his people. Hamas officials in Gaza are saying nearly the exact same thing. With both sides determined to stand by that commitment, the fighting, it seems, will get worse before things here get better.