Major Columbian port left without power after FARC attack

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Colombia’s most important Pacific port city was left without power after the leftist rebel group FARC attacked an electricity tower. Authorities say 90 percent of Buenaventura is without power. CCTV America’s Michelle Begue has the story.

FARC rebels leave Colombia’s port city without electricity

Colombia's most important "port" city on the Pacific was left without power after the leftist rebel group, known as FARC, attacked an electricity tower. Authorities say 90-percent of Buenaventura is without power.CCTV's Michelle Begue, has this story from Colombia. They say the company isn't regulated and doesn't follow the laws governing the country's taxi industry. Michelle Begue takes a look at how Uber's entry may transform an ages old industry.

President Juan Manuel Santos said the group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as FARC, were putting current peace talks in jeopardy with these actions. Peace negotiations with the rebels began in November of 2012 in Havana, Cuba. Critics point out that the group is negotiating political participation in the event that the agreement is signed. Santos said their violent actions will impact their public image.

Hospitals, health centers, schools and the homes of almost half a million people were affected. Residents reported conditions quickly becoming unbearable in the hot and humid climate. At first authorities thought the power station had been attacked, but after flying over the rural area surrounding Buenaventura, the military said at least one key pylon had been blown up. Locals reported hearing an explosion just before the power went out.

Since the attack, officials in Buenaventura have put strict security measures such as an early curfew, a ban on the sale of alcohol and carrying weapons. Local authorities fear gang members may take advantage of the darkness to drive up Buenaventura’s record murder rate.