Tech companies look to grow their presence in cloud computing market

Global Business

Cloud computing allows people to store and access data through a common network space instead of on a computer’s hard drive.

This year, recent reports said that revenue for the global cloud computing service market is set to reach more than $200 billion. There is no surprise that three of the largest U.S. multinational tech companies, Amazon, Google and Microsoft, are trying to grow their presence in that market.

In China, there is a small, but potentially lucrative, cloud computing business and Microsoft is trying to break in. Despite its recent clashes with the Chinese government, the world’s largest software company said it still sees its ‘mobile first, cloud first’ strategy working in China. CCTV America’s Chris Casquejo reports.

For more on the future of cloud computing, here is an interview with Scott Schober, the President and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems.