Airstrikes continue to target IS oil production

World Today

The United States and a handful of Arab nations are targeting IS Oil refineries to shut off the terrorist’s ability to generate funds. However, U.S. military leaders said it will take more to rout the Islamic State.CCTV America’s Sean Callebs reports.

The U.S. is going to spend $500 million training Syrian rebels at bases in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. American military leaders said they are ready to begin the vetting process immediately.

The U.S. believes it will take 15 thousand ground troops to have a realistic chance of degrading and destroying the IS. The U.S. led coalition is counting on Iraqi and Kurdish forces along with Syrian rebels to do the fighting.

Great Britain is sending its Tornado fighter jets to Iraq on Friday, but it does not address any action in Syria, though many lawmakers tried to push the government to admit that taking on militants there would be the likely next step.

Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands are also committing to the coalition.

For more on the fight against the Islamic State, CCTV America’s was joined by David Siegel. He is an Associate Professor at Duke University.His research specializes in political violence and terrorism.