Hong Kong demonstrations ‘not bound for disaster’

World Today

Hong Kong protesters are threatening to intensify their confrontation with the territory’s top official if he doesn’t resign by Thursday. Beijing says the demonstrations are “illegal,” while the student leaders say there is “no room for dialogue.”

The demonstrators want more political independence from Beijing. With the standoff growing more polarized, CCTV America’s Mike Walter discussed the complexities of the situation with Victor Gao—a widely recognized expert in Chinese internal affairs.

Hong Kong Rally: rationality behind the chaos

Student leaders of Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests warned that if the territory's top official doesn't resign by Thursday they will step up their actions, including occupying several important government buildings.

If Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying doesn’t resign, the students say they will occupy key government buildings. Leung urged to the demonstrators to end their protests, which have made several roads nearly impassable for emergency services.

An editorial read aloud on China’s state broadcast service, CCTV, urged Hong Kong residents to “restore social order in Hong Kong as soon as possible.”

Story compiled from the Associated Press and Xinhua.