Parts of Kobane fall to ISIL as US airstrikes not as effective as hoped

Islamic Extremism

Fighting intensifies in the town of Kobane along the Turkey-Syria border. A large section is now under the control of ISIL. CCTV America’s Michal Bardavid reports from the border.

Kurdish forces, which are defending the Syrian city of Kobane, are asking for increased U.S.-led air strikes against Islamic fighters who are trying to capture the city. Across the border in Turkey, tensions are high as well.

Another day of gunfire, airstrikes and fighting at the Syrian-Turkish border town of Suruc. According to statements made by the main Kurdish armed group the YPG, U.S.-led air strikes made headway, but they were less effective over the weekend.

The Kobane crisis sparked deadly protests in Turkey against the perceived inaction of the Turkish government. So far, Turkey refused to use its military force. In three days of riots across the mainly Kurdish southeast, at least 33 people were killed.

A warning was made by Cemil Bayik, a founding member of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party known as the PKK which is listed as a terrorist group by Turkey and its Western allies, stating that under these conditions, the guerrillas will re-launch their war on Turkey. The anger could unravel a fragile peace process aimed at ending a 30-year armed struggle between Turkey and the PKK.

However, Turkey’s president made some harsh statements, and he lashed out at the protesters who vandalized thousands of offices and cars across the country.

Despite warnings of violence both from PKK leaders and from the Turkish government, many Kurds at the border condemn these statements saying that they find it provocative and they would prefer to hear words of peace.

Even as some Kurdish citizens called for calm, they anxiously watched the fighting across the border in Kobane, and Turkish military forces decided to evacuate the area.

Moments after a warning, tear gas was fired on citizens and journalists in Suruc, driving everyone away from the area.

Tension remains high at the Turkish-Syrian border as the fighting in Kobane continues. Many fear the Islamic fighters might soon take over the town if Kurdish fighters do not receive ground reinforcements soon.

For more on the fight against ISIL terrorists, CCTV America’s Jessica Stone talked with Saruhan Hatipoglu. He’s the CEO of an international analysis and consulting firm Business Environment Risk Intelligence.