The Heat explores future of countries post Arab Spring

The Heat

Four years after the Arab Spring revolutionized Middle Eastern and North African nations, where do these countries stand? The Heat examines Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia’s path to democracy.

Tunisia’s first free and open parliamentary elections since the Arab Spring protests toppled the president are being called a success by global observers. However the success of other Arab Spring countries, such as Egypt and Libya, is less defined. For example, Libya’s elected parliament has been removed by the nation’s Supreme Court amid ongoing turmoil.

For further analysis on the post-Arab Spring world, The Heat hosted a panel of experts from the Egyptian, Libyan and Tunisian perspectives. They include:

* Sahar Khamis (On Twitter @Skhamis), a professor of communications at the University of Maryland.

* Hamid Abdeljaber a lecturer at the Rugters University Center for Middle Eastern Studies.

* Nejib Ayachi, the founder and president of the Maghreb Center, a Washington D.C., nonprofit that focuses on North African political, economic and cultural affairs.

On a previous edition of The Heat, the post Arab Spring progress of Syria and Egypt was analyzed. This edition’s panel of experts takes a look at additional sides of the story.