Pakistani army spokesman briefs media at school attack site

World Today

Pakistan’s army spokesman Major-General Asim Bajwa briefs the media about a Taliban attack on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan. Photo: AP

A Pakistani army spokesperson briefed media at the site of the terrorist attack on an army-run school in downtown Peshawar on Wednesday.

The Pakistani Taliban gunmen opened fire in an auditorium after storming into the school, according to Pakistani army spokesperson Major General Asim Saleem Bajwa.

The gunmen killed a female teacher and set her on fire near the auditorium stage.

“They went on the stage, and they started shooting the students indiscriminately. And then they came to the rows. As the students were exiting from the rows, and also from the exit doors, that’s where they killed maximum students,” Major General Bajwa said.

He said over 100 students were killed in the auditorium.

After exiting the auditorium, the terrorists continued shooting in offices and classrooms at the teaching area, where they then exchanged fire with security forces.

The spokesperson said all the militants involved in Tuesday’s attack were killed.

The Pakistani army said late Wednesday that a total of 148 people, including 132 students, were killed, and 133 others injured in the school attack.


This story is compiled with information from the Associated Press.