These are the top three items on Republicans’ to-do list for 2015

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The sun rises over the Capitol in Washington, Monday, Jan. 5, 2015, as the 114th Congress prepares to open Tuesday with Republicans in the majority in both the House and Senate. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

U.S. Republicans heading into the 114th session of Congress Tuesday have a laundry list of legislative goals that might best be summed up as undoing much of President Barack Obama’s work of the past six years, including dismantling parts or all of the Affordable Care Act, banking reform, energy policy, and environmental regulation. As the legislators convene under full GOP control for the first time since 2006, read on to see the top three items on Senate and House Republicans’ to-do list for 2015.

The Keystone XL pipeline

Jobs, jobs, jobs: Republicans see the Canada-to-the-Gulf-Coast oil way as an easy job creator, and an alternative to oil from the Middle East. Getting it built is their No. 1 priority, and the Senate’s first piece of legislation will seek to approve the pipeline. The president and some Democrats have opposed the pipeline over environmental concerns. After five years of delays over legal challenges, a new committee will begin looking at the legality of the pipeline on Wednesday.


Also high on the to-do list is repealing Obamacare, which no Republican voted for when it passed. But given the Affordable Care Act is one of Obama’s major policy wins, a congressional vote to repeal it would almost certainty face a presidential veto. There are not enough congressional votes to override the veto, so Republicans will likely hack piecemeal at the healthcare law, such as increasing the definition of full-time to anyone working 40 hours a week up from 30 hours a week. Doing so could put in jeopardy the healthcare for 500,000 workers, according to a report by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office. Another 500,000 to 1 million workers would be forced to Medicaid or another healthcare exchange.

Immigration reform

A “tooth and nail” fight has been promised by House Speaker John Boehner against the president’s actions on immigration. In November, Obama passed an executive action allowing an estimated 5 million undocumented workers to remain in the U.S. The order was widely criticized by Republicans, who will be using a standoff over funding for the Department of Homeland Security to force Obama to rescind. (DHS is in charge of implementing immigration policy.) In it’s place, Republicans will try to pass laws that strengthen the U.S.-Mexico border and discourage immigration.

Other priorities

On the budget front, Obama has until Feb. 2 to submit a proposal for the 2016 fiscal year. It’s likely to include a call for more defense spending in part to double down on the battle against ISIL. But Republicans have vowed to slash the size of government via the budget, including potentially targeting entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security, according to The Hill.

Also look for Republicans to pushback on restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba, more investigations into the administration’s handling of the Benghazi attack, and opposing the closing of tax loopholes for corporations.

  • Dave Francis


    IN a report released by retiring lawmaker
    found that fewer than 3 percent of illegal aliens were likely to face
    deportation in fiscal year 2014, and that over 700 miles of the southwestern
    border are unsecured. The oversight report prepared by Sen. Colburn’s Homeland
    Security Committee staff also said the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
    hides important information from Congress and the public and wastes time on
    non-critical matters. It’s been part of the National liar’s and corruption club
    since 1986, from both political parties.

    The report said the border was not secure
    because there is “little enforcement. Both
    the Democrats and Democrats consider their oath to the American people a waste
    of time, as they always get away with deceiving this nation. They are never
    held accountable for anything, as the US population doesn’t have the guts to contact their
    Representative and speak up. American
    taxpayers grumble and curse all the time, but do absolutely nothing about
    it—just an exceptional few.

    There is no deployment density or aviation
    surveillance coverage” to find illegal aliens, smugglers or others, “With these
    broad gaps in coverage of both our Southern and Northern borders, the problem
    of people and goods illegally entering our country remains a significant
    concern, and a committed adversary seeking illegal entry into the United States
    has a reasonable chance of doing so undetected,” it said. The report also said
    DHS is not effectively administering or enforcing the nation’s immigration

    Concerning DHS’ national security mission the
    report cited student visa programs as the loophole used by about three dozen
    convicted terrorists to gain entry into the U.S. Rather than spend time fixing
    that program, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has spent time cracking
    down on the importation of women’s lingerie with a fraudulent National Football
    League logo.

    The report recommends the Department secure
    the border by improving use of existing resources. It also suggests
    recommitting to enforce the rule of law and deter illegal immigration.

    According to The Washington Times Marsha
    Catron, a DHS spokes woman, said the report ignores the work her agency has
    done in the last year. Catron said the border “is safer and more secure than at
    any time in our nation’s history.” SHE

    also cited President Obama’s executive amnesty as a means to get illegal
    immigration under control. It would have up to 5 million illegal aliens apply
    for a three-year stay of deportation and work permits.

    far as I am concerned all but a few sincerely believe in their protection of
    the People, the rest are brought and sold for soiled money in their campaigns.
    We the little man has no chance against the millions of dollars nefariously end
    up in the accounts of most politicians. That inept puppet John Boehner of big
    business and wealthy lobbyists is still Speaker of the house. They are doing their
    best to cheat, pressure, bribe, bully and lie to Republican members of Congress
    to convince them to keep Boehner in power, so the wealthy can keep their
    Corporate Welfare. And with most Republican
    members of Congress those tactics will work, as even amongst their ranks you
    can be ostracized (black listed) and end up in a lousy committee position.

    He is
    also a spineless pawn of His Royal Majesty King Obama, because they have a
    secret deal to load up America with criminal and
    desperate illegal aliens, who are collecting hundreds of billions of dollars in
    welfare benefits. Then again if you think at the 5 Million or more illegal
    alien invaders is going to be the end of the surges, you need a few more brain
    cells glued together. Obama has dismantled border control and internal
    enforcement. It’s a dream for Republican elitists gangsters cheap labor for
    their cronies and for Democrats a never ending stream of illegal or legal vote.

    AS an example The State of
    California is knowingly allowing folks drive on our streets without a driver’s
    license—and without the ability of passing the written test. The DMV knows that
    people are leaving their parking lot without a driver’s license. This is
    illegal in California—if
    an American citizen did this? We would be immediately arrested. But, illegal
    aliens no longer need driver’s licenses—your car can be impounded, but not
    theirs. We have a double standard—government protecting lawbreakers and
    punishing Americans that protect the law.

    At a DMV in south Sacramento,
    Veronica Oropeza, a 28-year-old illegal immigrant who has reportedly been
    driving without a license for six years, reportedly failed her written exam

    Every American is
    urged to pick-up the phone. US Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121; (the toll free number is 1- 866-220-0044)