French attack raises fears of anti-Islamist sentiment in Europe

Islamic Extremism

There are growing concerns that the attack on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo will fuel anti-Islamist sentiment, not only in France, but also in the rest of Europe. CCTV’s Jack Parrock reported the story from Paris.

“There’s a planned anti-Islam protest for Jan. 18 in Paris, we’ll see how the turnout for that is, it may grow or it may be watered down, and the reaction may go the other way,” Ben McPartland, country editor of the Local France website said.

French President Francois Hollande has called for solidarity in the fight against terrorism. However the leader of France’s far right Front Nationale party is scheduled to meet Hollande, and there are fears the attack may generate more sympathy for her anti-immigration stance, but it’s still unclear whether that will translate into votes.

“It depends whether this call for unity from Hollande, from Sarkozy will win out over the extremist reaction that we might see,” McPartland added.

At the scene of the crime, many have gathered to pay their respects, but the response from the far right, in this largely socialist country, seems much more uncertain.