5 photos from CES that will make you fear the future

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The Consumer Electronics Show wrapped in Las Vegas Friday, ending a week of futuristic gadget overload from the world’s largest technology show. CCTV America correspondent Mark Niu sent us five images of some of the things we all just may be wearing, using, and taking instruction from someday.

Unknown-41. Toshiba’s ChihiraAico fembot

Toshiba turned heads this week when it introduced a life-like robot ChihiraAico. The female robot can speak English and Japanese, and can even sing.

The company’s engineers said they created her to “achieve real heart-warming communications with human-like facial expression and with any possible body language.”

According to Venturebeat, she has realistic facial expressions and quick, silent, and smooth body movements using a pneumatic drive system. Toshiba described her as a “robot for tomorrow’s service industry and homes.”

Conceivably that means the robot can be used as a health care professional to assist the elderly or those with disabilities, or even take a food orders, Mashable posited.

Listen to ChihiraAico’s rendition of “Take me Home, Country Road”:

Unknown-32. Tonino Lamborghini’s $6,000 smartphone

The Italian luxury brand that makes and runs everything from cars to hotels showed off it’s 88 Tauri cell phone. The cost for a Lamborghini mobile? Roughly one-fifth the average annual college tuition.

“It’s made from a car-grade stainless steel, so the sort of stuff that goes into sports cars. This is what this phone’s made from,” Laura MacDonald, a Tonino Lamborghini representative said.

Unfortunately for the tech-savvy, all planned 1,947 units of the 88 Tauri will run on mostly last-generation hardware and software such as Snapdragon 801 and Android KitKat, a review by gizmag notes. Some other less pricy phones that debuted at CES had far more under the hood, including the latest the latest 64-bit chipsets, gizmag said.

But what’s a few thou when you can market this amazingly ambiguous commercial tease:


3. Intel’s Spider Dress

Designer Anouk Wipprecht created the “Spider Dress” as a piece of wearable tech to defend the wearer against invasions of personal space. The outfit, enabled by the Intel Edison, features animatronic mechanical limbs that are an extension of the wearer’s intuition using sensors that track the wearer’s respiration.

Get too close or come up too aggressively on the wearer and the mechanical limbs move into attack position, Wipprecht said.

“Approach the system under calmer circumstance and the dress just might beckon you to come closer with smooth, suggestive gestures,” Wipprecht wrote.

The dress is still in the testing phase, so it might be a while before love interests (and pests) get caught (or detracted) from these webs.

Robotic Spider Dress [Intel Edison based] // 2015 teaser from Anouk Wipprecht on Vimeo.

Unknown-14. Dr. Fuji’s Cyber Body Slimmer Dancers

The only thing more buzzing than Dr. Fuji’s cyber body slimmer is the guy himself and his many dancers.

Fuji has been developing whole-body-vibration technology for nearly a decade, and said his jiggling machines aid in physical, mental, and spiritual health.

His Fujiiryoki FJ-099 machine sells for about $4,000, has 20 grades and three massage modes: weak, medium, and strong.

The company said its products are based on research from 30 universities and that users can work 90 percent of the body’s muscles with it, compared to a measly 45 percent in a typical gym workout.

And then there’s this:

5. Panasonic’s Interactive Mirror


Prepare to view yourself in a whole new critical way.

Panasonic debuted an interactive mirror that has the ability to evaluate the user’s skin. If you stand in front of it, the mirror can suggest areas for you to work on, show you how you’ll appear in various lighting, and more.

The mirror can also give makeup tutorials and show what you’d look like if you changed up the style of your facial hair (we’re assuming that feature is geared towards men, and no word yet if Mark plans to go with this new mustachioed look).

Venturebeat writes that the dual mirror and display can even show your what your eyes would look like with sparkly eye shadow.