Hoar frost-covered trees attract tourists in Changchun

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Winter Wonderland-esque scenery of trees covered in hoar frost in northeast China’s Jilin Province on Thursday attracted tourists to the rare sight.

Hoar frost attracts tourists in Changchun

Spectacular scenery of hoar frost on trees appeared alongside the banks of Yitong River in northeast China's Jilin Province on Thursday, attracting many tourists.

Unlike when regular frost occurs — minute ice crystals that cover the ground — hoar frost forms when the crystals grow larger and take on a distinctive look like white hair.

The trees alongside the banks of the Yitong River were affected by a combination cold spell and humid air to create the frost, which formed on Thursday morning.

The sight is usually rare in the downtown of provincial capital Changchun.

This story is compiled with information from The CCTV News Content.