Adopted son meets his biological mother after 47 years

World Today

Shedding tears, a mother finally met her long-lost son for the first time after her husband left him at an orphanage nearly half a century ago in Chongming County, Shanghai.

Shen Xiuying, said her husband abandoned the new-born son at the orphanage 47 years ago because she was suffering from a disease.

“I was crying and crying because the child was given to others,” she said.

Shen said she’d been living in guilt and missing her son all these years. When her husband passed away, she reluctantly gave up the hope of finding her child.

Li Guozheng, the lost son, was adopted by a family in central China’s Henan Province. He said he’d been seeking his biological parents since he found out he was adopted.

Li and his mother were reunited in Chongming earlier this month.

“I heard from the welfare center that my family is in Chongming, so I came here to find out,” he said.

Shen called her eldest son and daughter to meet their long-lost younger brother, who also brought his children to see their grandmother. After 47 years, the extended family had a reunion dinner.

“Wish my mother a good life and a long life. I will come to visit her as often as I have time,” Li said.

This story is compiled with information from CCTV News Content.