Bombings and attacks could threaten Egypt’s parliamentary elections

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Recent bombings and militant attacks may threaten Egypt’s parliamentary elections. CCTV’s Adel EL-Mahrouky reported this story from Cairo.

Bombings and attacks could threaten Egypt\'s parliamentary elections

Recent bombings and militant attacks may threaten Egypt's parliamentary elections. CCTV's Adel EL-Mahrouky reported this story from Cairo.

The Muslim Brotherhood has urged its supporters to revive their resistance during the fourth anniversary of the Egyptian revolution of 2011.

Protests have been violent and have included the torching of public properties and clashes with the police in several cities.

Meanwhile, bomb attacks have increased, particularly in Cairo. While it is expected to peak on February 11, the day Mubarak stepped down, analysts said it could continue through March.

“The Muslim Brotherhood has officially dropped down its support for peaceful protests… These attacks do not target the memory of the revolution. But it targets the political and economic progress that [the] country is taking. The terrorist groups on top of which the Muslim Brotherhood, when they saw international recognition to the Egyptian administration, they feared that it they would be forgotten. So they are trying to stop this progress,” said security analyst Khaled Okasha.

Three major events will take place in Egypt in March, an economic conference, the Arab Summit, and the country’s parliamentary elections. With such spotlight on Egypt, any crackdown such as curfews or a state of emergency could send a wrong message to the international community.

“It will take month to end this terrorism. The recent procedures puts us on the right path. Unifying the Sinai military command, instead of dividing it to north and south, is an extremely effective step. Completing the buffer zone with Gaza borders should greatly help limiting militants’ foreign support,” Okasha said.

Egypt’s President has asked Egyptians to unite against the latest attacks. Hundreds of opinion leaders have rallied to show support, including many of president’s critics.

“When there are militias against the nation, then we will stand against these militias. But we must not forget that one of the tools to fight these militias is internal reform, like creating more freedoms. The opposition or critiques are not enemies to the state. So when we find more than 40 Egyptians killed because of this terrorism, we must all immediately stand together against this terrorism,” Press Syndicate board member, Khaled El Balshy said.