China to build 20,000 soccer-oriented schools

World Today

The Chinese team pose for a group photo ahead of their AFC Asia Cup quarterfinal soccer match between China and Australia in Brisbane, Australia, Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015. Photo: AP

China will kick up its soccer talent development with the Ministry of Education planning to select 20,000 primary or middle schools to build with a soccer specialty by 2017.

The MOE will also choose 30 counties to build as trial areas for school soccer, saying that the move is aimed at improving the popularity of the game in Chinese schools, and lay the foundation for more talented players.

One tenth of those schools will be senior middle schools, three tenths junior middle schools and six tenths primary schools. Vocational schools will also be candidates, the MOE said.

According to the MOE, schools need to meet qualifications to become soccer-oriented schools. Each class and grade should have their own teams and the school as a whole should have boy and girl teams. These schools should also organize games annually.

This story is compiled with information from the CCTV News Content.