Nicaragua’s newest export: tarantulas

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Entrepreneurs are always breaking new ground in the global world of business. Sometimes their products are based on cutting edge technology, sometimes on a set of eight hairy legs.
CCTV’s Franc Contreras reported this story from Managua.

Tarantulas are Nicaragua's newest export

A couple in the Central American country of Nicaragua are trying to turn their exotic pet breeding business into a global company, bringing hairy spiders to the world. CCTV’s Franc Contreras reported this story from Managua.

In Managua, a small company called Exotic Fauna has started breeding two kinds of tarantulas.

The owners of the small business are entrepreneurs, who are starting to see the great potential of selling these creatures to markets outside of Central America.

This husband and wife team began by selling other exotic pets. But a recent drought in Nicaragua have hurt sales.

That’s when the couple got the bug and turned to spiders.

“The tarantulas don’t have a specific breeding season. All they really need is good nutrition and good living conditions. That’s the secret,” said Yesenia Talavera, co-owner of Exotic Fauna.

The owners hope to breed some 50 thousand tarantulas of which more than half are expected to survive and be sent to pet shops abroad.

“We are waiting for clients in the United States. Some there have shown interest, and we’re waiting for confimation. We’ve also established sales contact with China,” said Eduardo Lacayo, co-owner of Exotic Fauna.

Economists say exporting spiders is an example of how a business idea can emerge from a small, struggling nation.

“Nicaraguans have had a hard life either because of political unrest or because of economic hardship so we are not really afraid of anything,” said economist Mario Arana.

The owners of Exotic Fauna are capitalizing and finding customers who are equally unafraid to make these fury little creatures their pet.