The Nicaragua Grand Canal this week on Americas Now

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Nicaragua Grand Canal

A Chinese company is building what’s being called the world’s largest infrastructure project. In Nicaragua.

Once finished, it will connect the Atlantic and Caribbean Oceans with the Pacific. The challenge is very much the scale of the project and the logistics.

Correspondent Franc Contreras travels to Central America to report on Nicaragua’s Grand Canal.

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  • Isabel

    Nicaragua is a beautiful country and its natural beauty will be destroyed with this Canal. I am against it. It will bring ruins to the world! El impacto
    ambiental de este proyecto afectara al pueblo nicaraguense como al mundo
    entero. Cuando se dara cuenta la gente que el dinero y el desarrollo
    economico no nos ayuda. La madre tierra es la que nos da TODO! el dinero
    es un pedazo de papel creado por el ser humano, donde solo unos cuantos
    se benefician para obterner el poder.

  • Jose

    Nicaraguans need this canal not only for their economy to grow but also to provide a second and largest canal across Central America. I think it is egotist for anybody who wants to stop the Nicaraguan Canal so the Panama Canal be the only canal in the Western Hemisphere. It is not going to happen. Nicaragua has a better offer for larger Ships at a lower cost. I can understand that the Panama wants to be without competition but after 100 years a new and largest canal has to be built. Sorry Panama!

  • Isabel

    Do we really need another canal? Money and power are behind this. The wealth of a country is not based on its economy. People, culture and natural resources are some of the most important values. I am protecting what is beautiful. We do not need more concrete, buildings and constructions in the world. We have enough and we actually do not enjoy them! Mother Earth is the one who provide us with food and everything.