The Heat discusses the CPPCC- NPC and its impact on the United States



The economy, military spending and the environment were on the agenda as China’s top advisory group and national legislature held annual meetings in Beijing this week. What was said and what does it mean for China, the United States and beyond?

When one of the world’s leading economies holds policy meetings the rest of the world takes notice. Such was the case when the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference convened this week in Beijing and the world’s largest parliamentary body – the National People’s Congress also began its session. It’s a time for China’s government to set objectives and outline policies designed to meet them. At stake are China’s prosperity and global strategy including its relationship with the United States.

The Heat spoke to Jon Huntsman, who served as the United States Ambassador to China for two years during President Barack Obama’s first term. He’s currently the Chairman of the Board at the Atlantic Council – an international think tank. And he joins us here in Washington.

The discussion with regard to the key takeaways from this week’s meetings in China continued with experts: