Elena Lacayo fuses American & Nicaraguan culture into her music

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Elena Laquao fuses American & Nicaraguan culture into her music

Artist Elena Lacayo infuses American and her Nicaraguan culture into her music. In our Urban Voices segment we interview the band Elena y los Fulanos.

Lacayo grew up in in the United States and Nicaragua, so her band reflects her bi-cultural experience. The band was started in 2011 in D.C. and their songs are in English and Spanish, blending influences from both countries. This year they released their first album with the help of an online fundraising campaign using the platform Indiegogo. Their album, called Miel Venenosa, was nominated in the Washington Area Music Association for the Best Latin Album of 2014.

“I’m glad we have an album, but people don’t really buy CD’s as much as they used to. And so really you’re relying a lot more on exposure through the Internet and people hearing your music through the Internet,” says Lacayo.

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