Israeli-Arab backed ‘Joint List’ emerges as third largest political group

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Israel’s Arab citizens make up 20 percent of the country’s population. Their representation in Israel’s parliament has been called a political sideshow, but as March 17th elections approach, that is changing. Stephanie Freid filed this report from Israel.

‘Joint Arab List’ emerges as third-largest political group in Israel

Israel's Arab citizens make up 20 percent of the country's population. Their representation in Israel's parliament has been called a "political sideshow. But as Mar. 17 elections approach, that is changing.


  • 3 Arab parties and 1 Jewish-Arab party have united together under one banner: the Joint List. Preliminary polls show they could finish third in the upcoming election.
  • Knesset member and list party candidate Haneen Zoabi is controversial among Jews for her forthright assertions regarding Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories.
  • Voter turnout rates within the community generally run around 50 percent. This year, analysts say a full 70 percent may turn up at the ballot boxes on election day.