Myanmar warplane bombs Chinese village

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The bomb left a scene of chaos and utter devastation with 5 dead and several injured in Dashuisangshu village in Yunnan province where the incident occurred. CCTV’s Liu Yang filed this report.

5 Chinese citizens dead, several injured at border village

The bomb left a scene of chaos and utter devastation. CCTV's Liu Yang reported this story from Dashuisangshu village in Yunnan province, where the incident occurred, and spoke to the locals who witnessed the horrific moment.


  • Wounded villagers were rushed to hospitals after a warplane from Myanmar flying across the border and bombed Chinese territory at 4 minutes past 10 on Friday afternoon.
  • After dropping the bomb, the Myanmar warplane continued to circle the sky. Rescuers and local villagers had to hide behind the hill, and at the same time try and reach safer ground.
  • Two of the severely wounded villagers were transferred to the Lincang city hospital, where they are currently in intensive care. Eight villagers are in the hospital receiving treatment.
  • The powerful explosion left five people dead and nine severely wounded. Two of the wounded are currently in intensive care at the Lincang city hospital. Local residents said that villagers were working in this area collecting harvested sugarcanes when the bomb hit.
  • At a temporary shelter, about 1,000 people from Myanmar who escaped the brutal fighting are looking for a safe place to live. Women, children, the elderly and some young men are now getting  food and clean water provided to them by the local government.