This week on Americas Now: Panama as the Happiest Place on the Planet

Americas Now

A global poll has called Panama the happiest place on the planet; yet with high rates of poverty, inequality and corruption, is this “happy” country covering up a sad state of affairs?

Correspondent Gerry Hadden traveled to the booming Panama City to define the true meaning of “happiness.” Watch Americas Now Sunday at 7pm EST with CCTV America LIVE on your computer, tablet or mobile at

  • It is quite possible to be very happy in a place of relative “income inequality”, etc. Even poor people can be happy. And even rich people can be unhappy.

    Happiness comes from several things, including optimism about the future (Panama’s economy and standard of living is rising rapidly), a sense of belonging in the community, and a purposeful life (both of which Panamanians have).

    Luckily, Panama is also blessed with great natural beauty and geographical diversity.
    Among its population is a large quantity of Chinese, many of whom have
    been there for generations. The racial discord found in the US is almost completely absent in Panama, as everyone gets along.

    In addition, Panama is also extremely welcoming to expats. If you’re in any way interested in researching moving to Panama, I recommend you visit a site that has over 5,000 answers and dozens of stories about living in Panama

  • antaramir

    I’m Panamanian, I’m pover and I’m very happy, we have a lot of trouble like everybody, but we enjoy the life.