WWII era planes buzz Washington on 70th VE Day anniv

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Photos: Vintage aircraft fly over DC for V-E Day 70th anniversary

More than 40 vintage World War II aircraft flew over the National Mall of the US capital Friday marking the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe day, which is what the U.S. calls the formal marking of the surrender of the Nazi’s to the German armed forces during WWII.

Around noon, the historic aircraft did a flyover southeast over the Potomac River and over the National Mall. Aircraft including a B-29 Superfortress, B-24 Liberator, B-17 Flying Fortress, P-51 Mustang, P-40 Warhawk and F6F Hellcat participated.

The flight path banked over the Lincoln Memorial and followed a path over the National World War II Memorial, the Washington Monument and then turned south as they passed over the National Air and Space Museum near the Capitol.

Click here for more information about the Arsenal of Democracy Flyover.

Photos by CCTV America’s Rich Murphy.
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70th anniversary of Victory in Europe day marked in Washington D.C.
In Washington, a flyover of vintage World War II aircraft marked the anniversary of victory in Europe. The planes flew low over the National Mall, as veterans and their families watched.
CCTV’s Roee Ruttenberg filed from the World War II Memorial.

WWII veteran speaks about experiences of forced labor
Tens of thousands of prisoners of war and many more civilians were forced to work on the Thailand-Burma Railway during the Second World War. The railway is also known as the Death Railway due to the number that died. It was built by Japan from 1943 to 1947, to support its forces in the Burma campaign. 93-year-old Neil MacPherson is a former Australian soldier who was captured in Java by the Japanese and sent to work on the railway for 15 months. As one of only a handful of survivors, MacPherson was the only former prisoner of War able to travel to this year’s commemorative ceremonies in Thailand.
CCTV’s Martin Lowe met him there.

Daughter of US Ambassdor to China remembers the warDaughter of US Ambassador to China remembers the war

There are many people here in the U.S. reflecting on this day 70 years ago. But few have memories as fresh as Betty Jane Gerber.
She sat down with CCTV’s Mike Walter and talked about the day the fighting ended in Europe as though it was yesterday.

World War II in Russia

For many who lived through World War II in Russia, the memories are still vivid. CCTV’s Julia Lyubova introduced a woman, who recounts, in her own words, the moment she was pulled into the war effort.

Photos by CCTV America’s Xuejiao Wei.

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