US officials: most wanted Chinese embezzler detained

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US officials say they have detained Yang Xiuzhu. She is considered one of China’s most wanted fugitives, charged with embezzling the equivalent of millions of dollars back in China. CCTV’s Roee Ruttenberg filed this report from Washington.
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US officials confirms the detention of Chinese embezzler

US officials are confirming the detention of Yang Xiuzhu. She's considered one of China's most-wanted fugitives, charged back home with embezzling millions. CCTV's Roee Ruttenberg files the reports.


  • Yang Xiuzhu has been called the ‘queen of corruption’, placing her at number one on a government list of 100 Chinese economic fugitives who have fled to destinations around the globe.
  • Yang Xiuzhu reportedly entered the U.S. using a fake Dutch passport.
  • Beijing previously filed an arrest warrant for Yang through Interpol, a global policing organization comprised of 190 member countries. The U.S. has extradition treaties with half of those countries, while China still is not one of them.