Combating IS: Iraqi, French, US delegations deliver assessment of Paris talks

World Today

The leaders of the Iraqi, French and U.S. delegations delivered an upbeat assessment of the Paris talks aimed at defeating the militant Islamic State group. The U.S. deputy secretary of state said Iraq and its allies were pursuing a winning strategy.

CCTV’s Kate Parkinson filed this report.

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  • This video posted on social media shows ISIL flags flying in Ramadi after the city fell to militants last month.
  • The Islamic State group has thousands of fighters in Syria and has made recent gains there as well.
  • The Paris talks were very much focused on Iraq while Syria barely got a mention.

Author Wardah Khalid discusses foreign leaders current strategy against ISIL

CCTV America interviewed Wardah Khalid, a Scoville Fellow in Middle East policy at the Friends Committee on National Legislation Education Fund and the author of the “Young American Muslim” blog for the Houston Chronicle. We asked Khalid about her perspective on the current faltering strategy that international leaders are using against ISIL and possible adjustments to be made.