Remembering Bruce Lee: 10 of our favorite scenes

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Forty-two years ago this week, the world lost Bruce Lee, a martial artist who inspired millions and became a game changer for the way Asian Americans were perceived in Hollywood. Lee raised the art of Kung Fu in the public eye and became an action movie icon. His famous yellow jumpsuit and beautiful mastery of the art of fighting made him a household name across the globe.

To honor the legend, the digital team at CCTV America put together some of our favorite Bruce Lee moments. Enjoy, and be water.

10. That one time Bruce Lee fought giant Kareem Abdul Jabbar in Game of Death.

9. When he casually played ping pong with nun-chucks.

8. The time he inspired us all with “be water my friend.”

Remembering Bruce Lee

42 years ago, the world lost a man who inspired thousands and revolutionized the way Chinese American's were perceived in Hollywood. Bruce Lee turned the public eye to the art of Kung Fu fighting and became an action icon. His infamous yellow jumpsuit and uncanny ability to fight his way out of any situation despite the odds made him a household name all around the world.

7.The infamous, gut wrenching battle he fought against Chuck Norris.

6. When he amazed us fighting the villain O’Hara.

5. The time he taught us never to offend his family.

4. A whole school of trained fighters? Still don’t stand a chance against Bruce.

3. Bruce Lee’s battle cry.

2. When he showed us “Jeet Kune Do.”

1. And of course, when he flexed his muscles.

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