Get a digital perspective of WWII Victory Parade in new app

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If you’re not able to attend China’s WWII anniversary parade in Beijing, there’s another way to participate.

CCTV News has designed and launched the mobile app Victory Calendar to engage China’s online community around parade day. CCTV America Digital tried it out and we want to say, the ears you see in the photo are those of the soldier, not of the CCTV America staff.

Here’s what you can do with Victory Calendar:

  • Learn history and important facts about the parade.

CCTV Light App2

  • Watch the livestream of the parade.
  • Upload a photo or a video of the parade to the gallery to share it with others.

CCTV Light App3

  • Listen to detailed narration from military commentators.
  • Participate in the ‘Online Camp’ where you’ll be able to try a feature called “Follow President Xi at the Parade.”

CCTV Light App4

Here’s how to join the ‘Online Camp’

  • Scan the QR code below to get to the ‘Online Camp’ homepage

QR Code

  • Follow the prompts to get to a point where you can create avatars by uploading a selfie and choosing a weapon and a uniform.
  • After creating a soldier avatar, an identifier number will be given. On parade day, people can see their avatar along with other avatars walk through the Tiananmen Square with President Xi.

light app

Here are some ways to download the app ‘Victory Parade’

  • Scan the QR code below

QR Code

  • You can also download the CCTV News app and click the gold star icon
  • And also you can get to it by subscribing to CCTV News on WeChat (WeChat ID: CCTVNewsCenter) where you’ll be able to access the game app.


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