The refugee crisis forming in Europe is massive

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Local Germans waited to receive crowds of migrants coming in this week. Some handed out water and sweets. The new arrivals were quick to board buses and be taken to a processing facility in Bavaria.

Outside, the city’s Registration and Aid center had queues full of tired refugees.
CCTV’s Roee Ruttenberg filed this report.

European migrants live in difficult situations

A warm welcome in Munich, as the first trains arrive. Local Germans, awaiting to receive those on board, applaud. Some hand out water and sweets. The new arrivals are quickly boarded on to buses, to be taken to a processing facility in the Bavarian capital. Outside the city's Registration and Aid center, the queues reveal the fatigued faces. CCTV's Roee Ruttenberg filed this story.

More details:

  • 2,500 people successfully made the trip, and arrived in the capital’s Port of Piraeus. Some spoke of the violence back in places like Lesbos in the Greek isles.
  • Many here will make their way north, through the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and onto central and Western Europe.
  • In France, former French President – and conservative opposition party leader – Nicolas Sarkozy, said Europe should be processing migrants and refugees outside of the EU’s borders.