The Heat: Migrant crisis in Europe

The Heat

Thousands of refugees are on the move in Europe. How deep is the crisis and what is Europe doing to solve it?

The refugee crisis continues to worsen in Europe. Thousands of desperate migrants fleeing war, hunger and economic hardship, are trying to make their way to Germany and other parts of Europe. Although many have made it to Europe safety, Europe is divided over what to do next.

CCTV’s Jack Barton provided the latest on the humanitarian crisis.

One of the countries on the front-lines of Europe’s refugee crisis is Hungary. Zoltan Kovacs from Budapest joined The Heat to discuss this issue. He is the international spokesperson for the office of Hungary’s Prime Minister.

According to the UN, some 2,500 refugees have already died this year trying to make their way to Europe as they flee war and dire economic conditions in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Heat continued its discussion: