Company sells 3-D printed mooncakes ahead of Mid-Autumn Festival

World Today

Mooncakes, a staple of China’s Mid-Autumn Festival that falls on Sept. 27 this year+ have modernized this year with the use of 3-D printing technology.

The 3-D-printed mooncakes are the brainchild of the Hangzhou Printing Technology Co., Ltd, a start-up run by college students from the east China city of Hangzhou.

This creative team is based on the State Lab of CAD and 3-D printing laboratory in Zhejiang province. 3-D printing technology has been widely used in food production such as cookies and cakes, and now this company is using the technology to customize designs on mooncakes.

According to a report by China Foto Press, the delicacies went on sale on Monday and were well received.


Mooncakes are the special delicacy during the Mid-Autumn Festival, which takes place on the 15th day of the eighth month of Chinese lunar calendar.

Traditionally a harvest festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival has over the years developed into a day for families and friends to gather together for a reunion.

Story by CCTV News and the Global Times.