Child’s cute guide for Chinese traveling parents

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A woman living in the U.S. convinced her older parents to travel from China to visit her. She had just had a baby and her parents weren’t very experienced travelers. She drew them a lovingly detailed guide which gained popularity on Chinese social media recently.

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Before the trip, their daughter drew detailed tips for almost each step they would encounter. Through the images and explanations, it’s hard to imaging any problems for the parents during their trip.

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The parents, nearly 60, had never traveled outside of China and they couldn’t speak English either. But they couldn’t miss seeing their daughter’s baby, and the timing of the trip would be perfect with the Mid Autumn Festival nearing, at the time. So with some convincing the parents summoned up their courage for the journey.

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The website Women of China picked up the story and noted how the daughter even had to mention to her mother that she should not bring any homemade food or Chinese herbs on the flight, since the items would most likely not pass the security checks and customs.


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Compiled with info from Xinhua, Weibo, Women of China, @Haizhong on Wechat.