China social media reports on Paris attacks

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Phoenix Television

As reports started streaming in online about the Paris Attacks, the reaction out of China was swift as well, with reporters from Chinese news outlets in France and China describing developments out of the French capital.

Chinese media confirmed that there were Chinese nationals among the casualties in Paris as a result of multiple terrorist attacks that killed around 120 people. 5 attackers have been reported neutralized so far.

China People’s Daily reported on twitter:

Phoenix Television, headquartered in Hong Kong, sent out this message on Sina Weibo:
Here is the translation –

“Mass shootings and explosions happened in at lease 4 arrondissements in Paris, hostages were taken. Two attackers were killed after the siege at the Bataclan concert hall, where the hostage situation is now over. People in Paris were asked to stay indoors for their safety. U.S. officials believe Paris attacks are were coordinated.”

Phoenix Television

China’s Xinhua News agency reported the massive amount of casualties that resulted from the Bataclan hostage scene:

Sina Corp, which is a news website in China, reported the following on Weibo:
Here is the translation –

#ParisAttacks live updates: 2. French President Hollande canceled his trip to Turkey for the G20 summit in order to deal with the tragedy. French President Hollande declared a state of emergency, and closed the borders of France.


And People’s Daily China also tweeted out the following about Hollande’s canceled travel plans:

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