The Heat: Muslims in Europe

The Heat

A Muslim preacher has called on all of France’s mosques to condemn violence following the Paris terror attacks.

The attacks in Paris, claimed by ISIL, were the deadliest in decades and have left the French capital shaken. A makeshift shrine of flowers and candles now lines the sidewalks outside the concert hall and cafes, where 130 people died and more than 350 were wounded.
French Muslims immediately condemned the violence, but some fear they will be blamed for the actions of the radical Islamic State movement.
CCTV America’s Kate Parkinson reports.

Some Muslims are now faced with having to justify Islam and their beliefs following the Paris attacks. From Britain to Bosnia, they’re being scrutinized and their faith questioned.
How are Muslims dealing with this?
Nathan King spoke with Akbar Ahmed, a professor of Islamic Studies at American University. He and his team just completed a documentary called, “Journey into Europe.”