The Heat: Our world’s tragically displaced

The Heat

The world is experiencing historic levels of mass migration. There are now more refugees and displaced people than at any time since World War II.

About 60 million people fall into that category. Europe is the epicenter of the crisis where hundreds of thousands have sought refuge this past year.
Many are fleeing wars and conflicts while others are trying to find better economic opportunities.

The Heat was joined by the following guests:

  • From Budapest, Zoltan Pogatsa who is a political economist and teaches at the University of West Hungary.
  • From London, writer and BBC broadcaster, Bidisha who is also the author of Asylum and Exile.
  • From Paris is Laura Slimani who is the president of the Young European Socialists.
  • From the Washington D.C. studio is Holger Stark. He is the Washington, D.C. Bureau Chief for Der Spiegel Magazine.

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