The Heat: Artificial intelligence & China’s technological innovation

The Heat

The Heat: Artificial intelligence & China's technological innovation

It has been a year of artificial intelligence. From robots that may be able to grow and birth babies to advances in medicine with artificial intelligence at the forefront, tech companies are throwing their weight and resources behind A.I. Taking risks can be rewarding but it also has the potential for abuse of power. Is artificial intelligence major technological advancement or dangerous science?

To discuss advancements and ethical concerns around A.I.:

China is dedicating itself to further innovation in the country over the next five years. It’s at a turning point now. GDP growth is slowing down, labor cost is going up and heavy smog is affecting everyone. Can China successfully change its growth path from being the world’s factory to its innovation engine?

CCTV’s Cui Lingnan has the story.

To discuss China’s innovation in technology and its future:

  • Jun Wu, a partner at California-based zPark Capital and a tech expert. He’s authored a book for Chinese readers: “The Myth of Silicon Valley.”