Denmark wants to seize assets from migrants to help fund social services

Refugee and Migrant Crisis

Denmark wants to seize items from wealthy migrants to help finance the social services they receive. It’s one of a number of proposed measures likely to become law after a parliamentary vote.

CCTV America’s Guy Henderson reports from Copenhagen.
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Anyone seeking asylum in Denmark has to come to the police station. For security, police checks are mandatory at the Sandholm registration center.

For budgetary reasons, Danish authorities could soon be checking and confiscating refugee assets worth more than $440 to help subsidize their stay.

25,000 migrants and refugees are expected in Denmark this year. Calls are growing to cut the numbers.

But skeptics say refugees crossing the border rarely carry valuable, and the Danish Red Cross said it’s even more worried about some other proposals.

Seizing valuables may be more about sending a message that refugees are welcome, as long as they can pay their way.